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Random Act of Kindness

Welcome to the RAK! Here you can pick one lucky stitcher, and gift them a pattern from their Wishlist. To learn how it works, please read below!

What is a RAK?

RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness. You can select someone from the list, or maybe someone you know who you'd like to bring a little joy to their day. When you select someone from the list or someone unregistered, either their pattern wish will be granted, or if unregistered it will be a pattern of your choice!

Each person who registers for the RAK and is listed here, is hopeful that they will be chosen to receive a pattern they've wanted for some time from our store. When they are chosen, they get the pattern they've asked for. It's a wonderful way of sharing the Cross-Stitch love with other stitchy lovers! 

If you prefer to gift a friend or someone you know and their name is NOT on the list, the process is a little more involved. Below we will set out the instructions for picking a person either from the List or an Unregistered receiver. You will also find below instructions on joining in the RAK.

How do I join the RAK?

Please visit this link which will take you to our registration page, to join the RAK!

How do I Gift a RAK to a registered recipient:

A registered recipient can be identified by having their first name in the list. This person has registered for the RAK list, and provided either their wishlist or a pattern of their choosing. If you wish to know which pattern they were gifted, please let us know in the notes and we will be happy to tell you what pattern is going to the recipient. 

  1. Select the lucky recipient
  2. Proceed to check-out, during check-out there is an option to provide notes to us. If you'd like the recipient to know your first name and/or you have a message for them, please include it here. We will let the recipient know that you sent it, but we only ever use first names and will only do so if you have requested us to provide this to the recipient. Where no instruction is given, you will remain anonymous.
  3. When your order changes to 'completed' you will know that the pattern has been sent out to the recipient.

How do I Gift a RAK to an unregistered recipient:

An unregistered recipient is a person who has not registered with us. This means their status as an account holder is unknown. For this reason, we collect a bit more information about them in order to send the RAK as we must collect certain data in order to issue the gift. We do not force an account on the recipient, but rather set it up so it can be a guest-check out (they may elect to create an account during check-out if they wish). All the details requested for the recipient must be filled in, or we won't be able to complete the RAK and will request further details. If you do not have these details, then unfortunately, you will not be able to give them a RAK. 

  1. Select RAK - Unregistered
  2. Fill in the additional details in the text field provided below the drop-down menu for RAK recipient selection
  3. Proceed to check-out
  4. When your order changes to 'awaiting shipment' you will know that the pattern has been sent out to the recipient, but has not yet been received. Note that nothing is shipping, this is our way of saying we have sent it out.
  5. If the RAK is taken up and checked out, your order will be changed to 'completed' which will tell you it has been received.
  6. In the event the RAK is not immediately taken up, we will make several attempts over the span of a month to elicit a response from the recipient. If we receive no response and the RAK is not checked out, then we will make contact with you to let you know and ask that you reach out. This can sometimes happen due to spam filter settings for the recipient. 

IMPORTANT INFO BEFORE YOU PROCEED - We are limited with this listing in that if you live outside our shipping zone, it won't let you check out. If you are outside a zone, please contact us for alternative arrangements.