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Our Story


(founder Jody with best friend Venus the cockatiel)

Origin Story!

Jody first discovered cross-stitch in her mid-teens in the Pilbara town of Karratha. Her first work was a simple rose kit, bought at her local grocery store. In the early 2000s, cross-stitch was still predominantly retail based and with very limited design options, with on-line patterns still an emerging market. Even after moving to the city for University, Jody found that city stores just didn't offer designs that appealed to her. She decided it needed to change, and got her first design program, offering alternative works to the market with Etsy. After moving to the Pilbara town of Newman to raise her own family, Jody decided that with limited work opportunities she should take her cross-stitch ideas a little more seriously. Unconventional X Stitch was born! Fast forward six more years, and Jody finally had the space needed to expand and boy did she! Today, the business has grown to a family owned operation with a globally recognised brand. Unconventional X Stitch continues to grow each and every year, and continues to deliver new and exciting products to the cross-stitch market. Unconventional X Stitch currently consists of a family team working hard to deliver all the wonderful things you love and know about Unconventional X Stitch. Please enjoy some nostalgic photos of our history! 



(the early workstation for needle-minder making)



(awards corner)



(some of Jody's earlier finishes and fun little things)


Who are you?

We are a family team, located in Perth WA, though Jody was born in the Shetland Islands and hubby in South Australia. Jody has over 20 years of experience in cross stitch.


Our Charter of Values 

  • To provide exceptional service on all our products, all of the time: We believe that service is key, and we treat every customer the way we would want to be treated. We are a bit old fashioned in that regard, and believe in bringing back service that has died out.
  • To provide a professional product at an affordable price for all with flexible options
  • Keeping up with technology: We know that the old paper model of stitching doesn’t work for everyone anymore. This is why we are compatible with the leading digital pattern app Pattern Keeper. 
  • Paying our artists leading commission rates for their work
  • The future matters: What we leave for our children matters to us. We are constantly looking at ways of doing things better. Did you know we have a 5.2kW solar system to offset our power usage and a Continuous Ink System printer which means no more wasteful ink cartridges. Our tissue paper is even compostable! 
  • Shipping at cost value: Shipping should never be a profit-making exercise. We strive to provide the cheapest possible shipping methods with the highest quality. We charge what it costs us in products and fees to ship to you, we do not charge a handling fee. Our prices are dynamic and move with our wholesale price offerings from Australia Post, meaning where possible, we can offer a cheaper shipping fee.