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Beth Hansen


Before I created Harmony Goddess, I had been drawing and painting fantasy art for several years. I enjoyed sharing my work at fairs, fantasy conventions, and renaissance festivals. 

When the recession happened in 2008, sales became few and far between, and I became burned out. I had to use my savings until it felt like art had become my crazy ex-girlfriend who took all my money and left me an emotional wreck.

Then one day I participated in a healing ritual workshop lead by another artist. When I realized that art wasn’t about fantasy, but about spirit and inspiration and lifting others up, I found my reason to start painting again. My focus became the divine feminine in nature. 

Once I got started, I began to doubt that these new Goddess paintings would inspire others the way that they inspired me. I had changed my style, my medium, and my focus. What if nobody liked them? 

But then I presented my work to a close circle of friends, and I knew that their response was heartfelt and genuine. The power of the sacred feminine I felt while painting was experienced by them as well. 

So I decided to set out to create the most glorious Goddess art and jewellery for those who yearn to embrace the sacred feminine within. My mission is to paint 100 Goddesses and design a necklace for each. Providing mystical fine art and spiritual jewellery to the dreamers and lovers of nature has become a hallowed calling.

artist studio collage

It turns out, the path was more difficult than I imagined. 

Going from oil painting to watercolour gave me a new set of challenges. Simple design, limited color palettes, and don’t overwork it. Learning to work in mixed media to create the necklaces has been a lot of trial and error. 

Yet it was in September of 2016 that my whole world changed. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, and during the lumpectomy they also found cancer in my lymph nodes. After the surgery it became clear that my marriage was over. I packed my bags and my cats, put my furniture in storage, and moved in with my twin sister Jane and her wife. 

Twenty rounds of Chemo affected my vision and I couldn’t draw or paint for months. So I watched YouTube tutorials, so I could learn a little. In the Spring of 2017, I found a little home of my own and settled in with my cats and started painting again and designing jewellery. 

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been the most incredible blessing. I have found my purpose, my passion, and my joy.