How to Download



On the thank You page which will load after check-out, you will see a blue hyperlink on your order summary. Click this to be taken to your downloads. You will also have a blue hyperlink within your Order Confirmation / Invoice. Retain your email as when you are a guest, this will be the only way to re-access your downloads. 



After clicking your blue hyperlink, you will be taken to your order, where you can click and download whichever files you want for each pattern you have bought. 


Below is what your Order Confirmation / Invoice will look like






There are several ways you can access your downloads. You can follow the above steps immediately after purchase. You can also access them from your invoice email OR from within your account. Click account, orders and then the purchase number you want to access. See below image circled in green for where to click. 







File Types

Pattern file type - PDF

Bonus conversion chart - Excel


Download Limits / File Access Periods

We don't believe in download limits, so there are none. You can download your pattern as long as you retain your account with us. 

Access is granted as long as you retain your account and the work remains available. Once a work becomes discontinued file access will no longer be available.