RAK Registration


Random Act of Kindness Registration Page


If you are an account holder, and would like to join the RAK list, please read on! RAK is open to all account holders only (unfortunately, guest check-outs are not eligible due to delivery methods of the pattern). All you need do, is fill in the form and we will add your name to the listing which can be found here. Joining the RAK list doesn't cost anything, but we do ask you in the future to consider being a RAK giver as well as a receiver! 

What info do you need?

  • Your email address used in your account
  • Your name used in your account
  • Use the questions/comment section to name one pattern you would like to be gifted that is valued at $20 or if you prefer us to select at random using your Wishlist, please just let us know to use your Wishlist and include a link to your wishlist. 

Once we receive your RAK registration we add you to the listing within 5 business days. 

What info do you publish? 

We only publish your first name. If two people have the same first name, we will use the initial of your last name to identify which person we are RAKing.

We will message the RAK giver to let them know which pattern you were gifted. 

You will then receive an 'invoice' with $0 which, once checked out, will enable you to download your gifted pattern files. 

Once you have received a RAK, you will be taken off the RAK list, to provides those who have not received an opportunity to receive a RAK as well. 

Why RAK?

A RAK is a really beautiful thing, sharing the cross stitch love and kindness around the world among fellow stitchers. Receiving a RAK really makes a persons day!