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Become a Licensed Artist

We are currently accepting applications from artists, to join the Unconventional X Stitch family. Joining the family is simple, stress-free and is not a demanding role. You don't even need to know how to cross-stitch to be an artist with us.

Our contracts only cover cross-stitch products, which means you are free to continue to use your art as you see fit without limitations. We offer a range of commission payment methods and can pay monthly, or quarterly depending on your preferences. 

We pay one of the highest commission rates in the cross-stitch industry, as we believe in the value of art and ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for their craft. Our artists will always come first because we treat our artists like family.


We are not accepting applications from artists who use AI in any part of their process. Please ensure to clarify this at your time of application! 

Steps to Becoming an Unconventional X Stitch artist

  • Please ensure you include in your contact form, a link to your portfolio and social media profiles, and clarify that you do not use AI in any part of your process. 
  • Allow us 5 to 15 business days to review your profiles and artworks. Once we have done so, we will be in touch.
  • If we would like to proceed with a contract offer, we will attach a Non Disclosure Agreement to our response. This ensures everything we discuss is confidential. Once the NDA is signed, a contract will be issued for your review. Once the contract is signed, we will begin the process of collecting your art for the conversion process.
  • If we are unable to proceed with an offer, we will still reply and thank you because your time is precious! 

How much input do you need from me if I sign?

All we require from our artists, is the digital artworks. We ask that artists send new works as they become available, which enables us to keep our time focused on designing. We handle everything else for you! If you'd like to, you can promote us through your social media channels and your own websites, which will help spread the word that you are in cross-stitch format! 


What happens once I sign?

  • We will prepare the front cover which will appear on every design. You will be asked to approve this. 
  • We will request your art in digital form, without watermarks. Each artist has a preference for how they send this art to us. The most popular are Google Drive and Drop Box. 
  • We will then slot your art in for charting.
  • Once charting is complete, we will launch. We often launch needle-minders first as these don't require as intensive design process as patterns.
  • Sit back, relax and wait for your first commissions to role in!