Custom Kit Build Service

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Custom Kit Build Service

At Unconventional X Stitch, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the quality and joy of our kits. We can put together anything you need and tailor it to your specific needs. Read on for more information on what you get and what you need! Whether you have a list of fabric cuts and flosses you need to be bundled, or you have a design you need to be kitted, we can do it!

What do I get for my $10?

The $10 covers our time to put together a materials list and quote for you. If you proceed with the kitting service, the $10 will be removed from the final price of your kit. If you have more than one kit you would like to be quoted on, then please add to cart and fill in the details separately for each design. Please note that normal shipping fees will be applicable to the kit if you proceed, the free shipping only pertains to the quote as no product is shipped for a quote.

What You Will Receive if you proceed with the Quote

  • Fabric in your chosen count, colour and either plain or easy guide with a minimum 20cm boarder each dimension. If your design has the background removed, we will include 40cm boarder each dimension unless you request otherwise.
  • Whole skeins of DMC floss, a minimum of 1 per colour
  • 6x John James needles
  • Optional pattern printing to hardcopy, printed single-sided
  • Optional needle-minder of your choice from our range
  • Comes in our signature box!

Important Information

  • This service is open to account holders only, if you are not yet an account holder, please do so before proceeding with this service.
  • We respect the integrity of the designs provided to us, that is why we ask that you only send the pages necessary to provide a quote. Where a hardcopy print is required, we only retain the digital file long enough to perform the printing and then destroy the digital copy, much like if you were to go to a printing company and request they print a hardcopy for you. 
  • We cannot be held liable for any errors in the designs or information provided to us, our role is to put together and gather the materials called for in the information you provide. 
  • We only kit in certain counts. If your design has floss usage in skeins, the information you provide must match to the count you select for fabric.
  • If floss usage is in skeins, you will receive as the pattern commands. If floss usage is in meters or total stitches per colour, we will calculate number of skeins with our own formula with our standard additional 30% for wastage. We do not accept floss usage in any measure other than either skeins or meters or total number of stitches per colour.  
  • We only cater to DMC at this time. Other brands of floss will not be accepted. Where a design calls for a discontinued DMC colour, the recommended replacement will be used. 
  • You may select any 32mm needle minder from our available ranges to be included, if you wish to have a Needleminder. It will NOT match your design. If you select 'no' when asked about needle minders, you will not be charged for one.
  •  Postage is calculated based on weight of your order, and will not be included in the quote as this is calculated at check-out level dependent on your location 
  • Should you choose not to proceed with the quote, the $10 is non-refundable, to cover our time to put together all the information for the kitting quote and process.
  • Custom kits are not covered by our satisfaction guarantee, once the order is placed no cancelation is available as this is a one off totally custom and unique product
  • Your place in the kitting queue will be reserved only upon full payment of the invoice
  • Custom kits are not to be used in conjunction with any discounts, coupons or 'stitchy points' rewards.