Rechargeable Electric Thread Ripper / Stitch Eraser

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Rechargeable Thread Ripper

Frogging be gone! We've all been there, got through a large section and realised that we made a major mistake and need to frog it. The worst part is the time it takes, and the damage we can do to our fabrics having to rip stitch by stitch using traditional manual rippers. Don't waste countless hours ripping a section! Rip those threads gently and with ease, with no worries at all using this electric thread ripper that can be easily recharged from the wall! It is a must have for any serious stitcher who values their time. 



1x rechargeable thread ripper / stitch eraser

1x instruction manual

1x recharge cord with Australian plug (if you are international, simply use a travel adaptor)

1x brush to clear away fluff from the blade

1x narrow blade (good for smaller areas, and areas where you need more refined control)


Optional Extras

1x wide blade (good for removing larger chunks where accuracy is not as important)