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Angela (AK) Westerman

THE WORK | Fantasy & Surrealism That Engage

While every piece is derived from her own personal narrative, AK always attempts to include some ambiguity, allowing the viewer to fill in pieces of the story according to their own unique perspective.   She enjoys working on a large scale, as she believes it creates an almost ‘epic’ feel for the viewer, allowing them to lose themselves in the minute details.  The term ‘organic’ is an apt description for both her creative process and her choice of subject matter, as she prefers to let the work take on a life of its own and her subconscious express itself freely and fluidly without preconceptions.   AK's work can be described as fantasy, steampunk, and pop surrealism.

AK has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States including Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Ohio and Texas.  

Her work can currently be viewed in person at Valkarie Gallery in Lakewood, CO where she is a resident artist.