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The Moon The Lunatic and the Divine cross stitch pattern

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Artist ©:
Emerald Barkley
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The Moon The Lunatic and the Divine cross stitch patterns - digital downloads 

Dimensions & Information

A word from the artist - The moon, the lunatic, and the divine -  I used poppies and a lotus flower because I wanted to talk about the relationship between madness or addiction and transcendence, and how I feel like the two are often connected in ways that we may not fully understand. They are both growing from the same bobcat skull, as cats have long been guardians to other realms, and I like to think of them as metaphorical gatekeepers to some of the worlds inside of us as well. The moon and her phases have been associated with many rituals of self-exploration worldwide, as well as odd and unusual behaviour as the moon gets full.  


For me, this piece is about mental health as a hero's journey, in a sense, where the hero must journey into the other world/nether world to learn something profound about themselves, the world, and life and then return - Emerald Barkley.



  • Stitch count: 385 x 500
  • Stitched area for provided pattern counts:
  • 14 count: 27.50 x 35.71 inches or 69.85 x 90.71 cm
  • 16 count: 24.06 x 31.25 inches or 61.12 x 79.38 cm
  • 18 count: 21.39 x 27.78 inches or 54.33 x 70.56 cm
  • 25 count: 15.40 x 20.00 inches or 39.12 x 50.80 cm
  • 28 count: 13.75 x 17.86 inches or 34.92 x 45.36 cm
  • Number of colors: 100 colors
  • Brand: DMC stranded cotton
  • Full Coverage? Yes
  • Stitch types used: Full X only

Included in Purchase

  • 1 PDF pattern in above mentioned counts. Wave goodbye to that time waster of working out fabric and floss usage!
  • 1 PDF pattern in full color. Perfect for speed stitchers.
  • 1 PDF pattern with small grid. Perfect for the space conscious stitcher.
  • 1 PDF pattern that fits to 4 pages. Perfect for tablet and iPad users.

Presentation of tailored PDF patterns

  • The pattern is in black and white, using unique symbols hand chosen so there can be no confusion when matching symbols to the right DMC color. Adios frog, your frogging is not welcome here!
  • The pattern has a page map on every page to help you match your pages, so you don't get them mixed up when moving from one page to another. Adjoining pages have grey column repeats to assist you in page joining. Begone evil frog!
  • The front cover is in color with the realistic estimated finished stitched result as well as dimensions in stitches, inches, and cm. Stitchy language suitable no matter where you are in the world! 
  • The floss map contains DMC floss color number, floss name, and pattern symbol guide.
  • The floss usage summary is in meters for every count we include in your downloads list. Never fear, use the excel file to convert the meters to inches or skeins so that no matter your stitchy language, we have you covered! 
  • Handy FAQ 

Presentation of the colored grid PDF pattern

This unique pattern uses matching DMC floss colors to fill in each corresponding grid cell. There is a symbol overlay to assist further and guide you on your stitching journey. Where the DMC floss color is particularly dark, we use a white symbol, so it is still easily visible.

How do I get my hands on these patterns? 

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© Unconventional X Stitch, (pattern) © Emerald Barkley (Original Artwork)