About Us


(myself and partner in crime Venus)

Snarky, unconventional, with a potty mouth and twisted sense of humor, I have always blazed a trail of beautiful chaos. Love me or hate me, from a young age I dabbled in various industries until one fateful day at the tender age of 15 odd, I got desperate for a gift for my grandmother and bought a cross stitch from the local grocers. 

It all went supernova from there, I was hangry, you know the thing, where you are hungry and because you are hungry you are angry all at once? Yeah that was me, a five foot nothing Scottish ball of hangry for cross stitch. This tiny insignificant rose kit had turned me into a feverish monster determined to consume all the cross stitches! But... back then there was only an emerging on-line market. What I could buy was ordinary and straight shooting. It didn't meet my needs, and I felt... well rather flaccid. Pish-posh I'll settle for mediocre, nay, screw ordinary I'll make my bloody own and I'll offer it to the world. And so I did....

I got my first program at the age of 18, a birthday gift from my parents and I took to it like a duck to water. Not without it's speed humps I admit, but I figured I'll go as a hobby and see how I track. 



(the work station)

As it turns out, I wasn't alone and as the internet has grown, so too have I. Fast forward to today, and I am one bad-ass stitcher enlisting family to help with this beast of a business that brings joy and uniqueness to other stitchers lives around the world. 

UXS hasn't stopped as a pattern producer or needleminder maker. UXS has entered various competitions with completed works of art, and over the years have taken out a number of show prizes including:


(awards corner)

* Ellenbrook Art Award most outstanding work for Care Taker
* First Prize at Osborne Park Show for Rainbow Unicorn Mini
* Second Prize at Osborne Park Show for Rawr Mini 
* Second Prize at Wanneroo Show for Care Taker

* Wanneroo Show first prize & best exhibit for Nuclear Winter



(some of my finishes and fun little things)


My goals are simple and yet awesome. UXS strives to (in no particular order because I love all goals equally):

  1. Deliver the best quality cross stitch pattern designed for the discerning stitcher meeting all the needs with none of the pet hates about digital patterns because I stitch them so I've worked out all the pain-in-the-ass parts and bugs. 
  2. Deliver the best quality needle-minder because you need performance, stamina, quality and longevity. What's the point in a minder that manages one needle? What a load of bollocks, and worst I've heard of black magnets that leave horrid skid-marks on fabric. Ain't nobody got time for that! So I use the best magnets, and trust me, not to boast, but they are BIG. 
  3. Practice what I preach - if I ain't stitching too then what's the point of even being a designer? 
  4. Value for the moola $$$$ - Where else can you command 4 different counts AND a color block pattern AND other goodies for just the one price? Yup, that's it, nowhere but here because I'm passionate about what I do and value is paramount! 
  5. I love getting to know my customers, in fact I've made many long term friends in the process, and whilst I have bite and grit to me, I don't bite!
  6. Public can take a long walk off a short plank - ever notice how a business is great, and then it goes public and all of a sudden all that matters are profits? Yeah, me too, and I hate it. So I am small, in house, and that keeps it simple. You aren't dealing with lots of departments, and YOU are the priority, not any shareholders.  
  7. Listen to my customers - it doesn't sound hard but many businesses seem to really struggle with that. But I do listen, and often, and the old song of "I would walk ten thousand miles" really does apply. I'm selfish because it feels so damned good to help and give back that I go to infinity and beyond for folks.