Get Featured

If you have finished a UXS pattern, you may submit it for consideration to be a feature photo on our website/Etsy store. 
  • The piece must not yet have a framed work example 
  • Good quality jpg file to be provided, which must show the finished work framed and face on and straight without reflections
  • $20 credit is valid for 1 month after issue and no further financial compensation will be given in exchange for a finished photo
  • Decision on photo acceptance is at UXS discretion. To see what sort of frame photos I'm looking for have a look at Cigar Smoking Hippo or RAWR Mini


  • Photo of work as long as it is face on and square on is fine
  • Piece must not yet have a finished example 
  • Credit valid for 1 month after issue and no further financial compensation will be given in exchange for the finished photo
Submissions can be made using the contact form below. 
Proof of purchase must be provided, which will include your order number. This applies both to the website and if you bought from Etsy (please let us know which it was you bought from). 
If the purchase was made on Etsy, the equivalent value will be given (eg you will still either get one full credit or one half credit). Credits will only be issued for use on this website.
You must have been the buyer. Including but not limited to, exclusions include secret santa and free patterns.
Patterns bought with any discount or price variation to that which is standard applied will only qualify for the equivalent dollar value (eg you purchased the pattern for $10 you would only get $10 for a full credit or $5 for the half credit or if it was one of the UXS patterns you would receive the equivalent).
Patterns must have been stitched as originally intended and designed. Exception to this rule is where hand dyed fabric was used. (eg. no tent stitch or modifications to the original design will be accepted).
As previously mentioned, acceptance is up to UXS discretion. Reasons for rejection can include, but are not limited to, the photo is not face/square on, poor lighting, not stitching it as the pattern was originally designed, an example has already been posted.