Vernal Equinox cross stitch kit

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Vernal Equinox Cross Stitch Kit

Life is too short to stitch in the absence of quality. We have carefully curated all that goes into our kits, to ensure a premium and luxurious experience for the discerning stitcher. We've taken the hassle out of having to gather your own materials with our ultimate kits that come with multiple needles, overlocked fabric and WHOLE skeins of DMC floss, just to name a few things that make our kits the bees-knees. We don't dabble in generic inferior brands, you'll only find premium quality brands in our kits! Don't delay, discover the experience of an Unconventional X Stitch now!

Design Specifics 

  • Stitch count: 300 x 600
  • Number of colors: 116 colors
  • Brand: DMC stranded cotton
  • Full Coverage?: yes
  • Stitch types used: Full X

Finished design stitched area:

  • 14 count: 21.43 x 42.86 inches or 54.43 x 108.86 cm
  • 16 count: 18.75 x 37.50 inches or 47.63 x 95.25 cm
  • 18 count: 16.67 x 33.33 inches or 42.33 x 84.67 cm
  • 25 count: 12.00 x 24.00 inches or 30.48 x 60.96 cm
  • 28 count: 10.71 x 21.43 inches or 27.21 x 54.43 cm

Please note, the above measurements are for the area that is stitched ONLY. These measurements are not for the actual fabric dimensions supplied. See below for details on fabric inclusions etc.

Included in your kit

  • Fabric
  • We include a minimum 20cm (7.84 inches) of extra fabric length and width, overlocked to prevent fraying.
  • Up to 18ct: Aida for both plain and easy count.
  • 25ct: Lugana evenweave for both plain and easy count.
  • 28ct: Lugana evenweave for plain. Brittney evenweave for easy count.
  • Floss: Genuine DMC whole skeins provided, so you never run out and can build your own stash
  • Needle: 6x John James, quality you can depend on
  • Pattern: Hardcopy is standard. Printed single-sided, front cover and key are in full colour
  • Needleminder: 1x matching 32mm needle minder, handmade in our very own studio

How do I purchase these kits? 

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