UXS Catalog Subscription

Hold on to your pantaloons and get ready for the most epic subscription you'll ever lay eyes on. 

In this subscription, you opt in for 6 months or 12 months. You then receive full access to the entire UXS category for the duration of your subscription. With a current catalog of 185 patterns and more being added every month, this translates to huge savings and the perfect way to collect all the patterns you love. 


How does it work? 

1. Please read over the subscription Terms and Conditions and ensure you are happy to agree to these T&C. Proceeding with a subscription is an agreement to these T&C.

2. Select your subscription choice from the below PayPal button options and click/tap your choice.

3. Follow the PayPal prompts ensuring that the details in your website account matches your PayPal account details so we can easily match you and get you set up fast.

4. Get added to the subscribers list. You'll know this has happened when you see all UXS patterns for $0. We ensure this is done within 2 business days of receiving the subscription notification.

5. Start adding to cart and checking them out for $0! 


What does it cost?

This is the part  that had us all jumping up and down and have been so thrilled about. A catalog of currently 185 patterns is valued at $1,295! 

6 months is just $50 a month, a total of $300, whaaaat!!!! Right?

12 months is just.... wait for it.... $20! That's just $240 a year!

12 months paid in advance is $200!!! It can't get better than that, so why not join the revolution!



For 6 month subscription billed monthly click this button


For 12 month subscription billed monthly click this button



For 12 month Subscription, billed ANNUALLY click this button


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