Unconventional X Stitch Secret Santa 2018 cross stitch pattern

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 U.X.S Secret Santa 2018 cross stitch patterns - digital downloads


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Welcome to the 2018 Unconventional X Stitch Secret Santa.  After you have purchased this 'secret Santa' product, you simply need to send a note to us or email (unconventionalxstitch@gmail.com) with up to three favorite patterns from Unconventional X Stitch by December 10th. On December 11th you will be given a partner along with their picks. You then get to pick from their favs and let me know which one you want your partner to receive. On December 19th you will receive an e-mail from us containing both one of your fav' pattern picks AND the free exclusive early release pattern! 





Included in Purchase

  • 1x of your fav UXS patterns
  • 1x FREE early release UXS pattern Baby Punk Dragon




How do I get my hands on these patterns? 

  1. Click add to cart
  2. Carry on shopping and adding to cart OR click check-out
  3. Follow the prompts (guest check out available)
  4. Send us a note or e-mail with your chosen up to 3 fav patterns by December 10th
  5. December 11th you will receive your partner and their favs for you to pick from for them to receive
  6. By December 17th you will need to have your choice for your partner in to us
  7. December 19th you will receive an e-mail with one of your favs plus the free pattern.



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