Mixed Pattern Subscription

Unconventional X Stitch already offers fantastic value and industry leading quality in the fantastic world of digital patterns. How could it get better? We love to offer even more, because we understand that more is better, right? So we offer you subscriptions to make your stitchy world all the more fun! 


What is included in the subscription?

We have a couple of options available, so it is as easy as choosing which you want and going from there! We even have a '2 month trial' option! So what do all the various subscription levels get you?


How does it work? 

1. Please read over the subscription Terms and Conditions and ensure you are happy to agree to these T&C. Proceeding with a subscription is an agreement to these T&C.

2. Select your subscription choice from the below PayPal button options and click/tap your choice.

3. Follow the PayPal prompts ensuring that the details in your website account matches your PayPal account details so we can easily match you and get you set up fast.

4. Get added to the subscribers list. You'll know this has happened when you see all UXS patterns for $0. We ensure this is done within 2 business days of receiving the subscription notification.

5. Start adding to cart and checking them out for $0! 


What does it cost?

This is the part  that had us all jumping up and down and have been so thrilled about. 3 UXS patterns and 3 Artist patterns are valued at $81! So you figure it's going to hurt, but it isn't!





For 6 month subscription billed monthly click this button


For 12 month subscription billed monthly click this button


For 2 month try out subscription billed monthly click this button