Loyalty Program

We reward your awesomeness right from your first purchase. Your special prices are displayed automatically with retail followed by your special discount price once your discount is applied.


Levels of Awesomeness

  • BRONZED AWESOMESAUCE  - After your first order you get 5% off patterns  
  • SILVER BLING - After your 10th order you get 10% off patterns  
  • GOLDEN INCREDIBALLS  - After 30 orders you get 20% off patterns



  • These discounts are not applicable with other discounts or promotions and are applied automatically to your account.
  • Free product purchases are excluded from the total count.
  • Program is subject to change, without notice.
  • Subscriptions are excluded from the above program due to significant discounts already being rewarded.
  • Loyalty discounts are for personal use only, sharing your account with others will result in immediate exclusion from the loyalty program without notice.
  • We reserve the right to redact loyalty discounts at any time without prior notice 
  • We reserve the right to make changes to loyalty discounts at any time without prior notice
  • Etsy purchases do not count, as our Etsy store attracts discounts and sales unique to the Etsy store


If you believe you should be in a different level, please contact us below and we will tend to you ASAP.



Q - I have previously made purchases on your Etsy store, do these count?

A - No, only purchases made via the website count


Q - Will my loyalty tier be automatically added to my account?

A - Loyalty tiers are added manually. Please allow up to 2 business days to find it applied, if it has not been applied or you think you are in the wrong tier, please contact us.


Q - I see prices differently to others, why is this?

A - As soon as you are added to a loyalty tier, the website will change all the prices to what you will pay inclusive of your discount. Depending on what tier you are on, will depend on what pricing you see. Keep in mind, your currency setting will also adjust pricing.