Dragon needle minder - Sun Shower

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Immortalized mid flight, the breath-taking Sun Shower dragon proudly shows off her shimmering glossy blue-gold hued and black scales, ready to protect your spare or parked needles as if they were her own treasures. 

This Needle Minder

Metric - 46 x 38 mm 

Imperial - 1.81 x 1.49 inches

Made from - Resin and 2x rare earth magnets


What is a Needle minder? 

Needle minders also known as needle nannies, are the must have for every serious needlecrafter. A needle minder is both a work of art, and a highly functional accessory. Our needle minders have two super strong rare earth magnets. One is fixed to the minder, and the other is free moving. To use it, simply slide the free moving magnet off the back, place the minder where you want it on the fabric, and then gently attach the free magnet to the fixed on the back of the fabric. You can slide it around your fabric as you stitch to suit where you want it to be. Because it is magnetic, it will easily hold your unused or parked needles. Some customers have even reported using them to hold scissors. It will also guard your pattern for easy viewing while you stitch. When you're done with it, why not pop it on the fridge as a fridge magnet! 


Will a needle-minder damage my fabric? 

Not at all. They are perfectly safe, and won't stain or mark your fabric. We use high quality magnets with a polished finish. Beware of cheap imitation or ones made with 'black' magnets that will mark and ruin fabrics.