What's in a Name? 

At Unconventional X Stitch, we recognise the many stitch peoples in the world, that prefer different sizes/colours etc. To cater to as many sittchers as possible, we sometimes get requests to make different versions of a design. This can include but not limited to, reduction in number of colours, increase in design size, or removal of the background. Here we cover what all these terms included in the title of the work mean. If you are ever not sure what the difference is between two works, you can compare the description and info which will detail the contents of the design. 

Background Removed -Where a previously full coverage work has had the background removed from it. 

XL -Where a previously smaller work is available, XL is the bigger version.

Max -As big as we are comfortable going on size! 

Miniature -As small as we can go without losing too much detail.

Extract  - Where an artwork has been cropped and or a particular part of the original artwork has been extracted for the purpose of maximising the stitchability of a piece. This happens most commonly with artworks that have large expanses of background. 

Artists Name - Where a works name has been used more than once, but by different artists, the first piece from an artist takes priority and any with the same name produced thereafter will have the artists name at the end to distinguish the piece.