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These beautiful hand crafted minders come in two choices for materials. 

"Button Badge Style'Metal based, made using metal plastic and neodymium magnets. More light weight than the boutique glass variety. 

'Glass Style' - Our premium botique needle minders are made from flat glass, metal base and neodymium magnets. A heavier piece that produces more of a 'framed' artwork look. 


What sizes do these beautiful minders come in?

25mm = 1 inch button badge

32mm = 1.25 inch button badge

20mm = 0.78 inches for glass.


What is a Needle minder? 

Needle minders also known as needle nannies, are the must have for every serious needlecrafter. A needle minder is both a work of art, and a highly functional accessory. Our needle minders have two super strong rare earth magnets. One is fixed to the minder, and the other is free moving. To use it, simply slide the free moving magnet off the back, place the minder where you want it on the fabric, and then gently attach the free magnet to the fixed on the back of the fabric. You can slide it around your fabric as you stitch to suit where you want it to be. Because it is magnetic, it will easily hold your unused or parked needles. Some customers have even reported using them to hold scissors. It will also guard your pattern for easy viewing while you stitch. When you're done with it, why not pop it on the fridge as a fridge magnet! 


Will a needle-minder damage my fabric? 

Not at all. They are perfectly safe, and won't stain or mark your fabric. We use high quality magnets with a polished finish. Beware of cheap imitation or ones made with 'black' magnets that will mark and ruin fabrics. 


Hand Made Note

Every piece is made by hand. This causes slight variations in each piece, though every effort is made to be as close to the original as possible. 


Important Care Notes

Minders should not be left in direct sun for extended periods of time, doing so may damage the artwork. Needleminders are not waterproof and should not be made damp or wet. 

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